This is me. Born and Raised in Fort Worth, TX.

I’ve always had an itch to travel and experience the world. To go out and discover what the world is like for myself. I’ve moved a lot, taking things on with a free-spirit. This can be good, but it also puts me at 28 years old, still working on my Undergraduate degree. But, if I tried to figure out what I wanted 10 years ago, I know I wouldn’t be getting a BFA in Drawing and Painting from The Ohio State University. But I am and I LOVE it. I finally settled down in Columbus, OH with my awesome and adorable husband, Steve.

But, don’t worry, when we are done with school, it’s off exploring the world again for us!

Being a student and being married is the best ever. I don’t have to be stressed and anxious about boys while trying to get good grades, I just get to come home and cuddle with my favorite boy of all time.

We both love art, philosophy, living a healthy lifestyle, and each other. He writes some pretty awesome philosophical and theological stuff here.

I miss my family in Texas very much. We don’t know where we’ll be going next but we love adventure.


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